A Phone Case Subscription: The Easiest & Most Affordable Way To Keep Your Phone Protected

Why You Need A Phone Case Subscription


Carrying your phone around all day, whether it be for work or leisure, means that without a doubt, you're going to drop it at some point or another - intentionally or not. Not only that but with ongoing use, it becomes dirty and unpleasant to display.

With each drop, your phone case continues to degrade, therefore leaving your phone more vulnerable to damage, which is why it is crucial to have a phone case in top condition at all times.

The damage to a phone case from a drop or bump varies - it could leave a chip in its structure or perhaps fit more loosely on your phone than it did before - sound familiar? We have all experienced those phone cases that start to fall off with each drop or leave a certain area of your phone exposed.

With a phone case subscription, your worries and hassles of dropping your phone and damaging your phone case are eliminated. It's the easiest way to prevent dirty, broken, and unfashionable cases.


What Is A Phone Case Subscription?

Phone case subscriptions allow you to sign up for recurring deliveries of phone cases to help you keep your phone protected year-round. The Case Club offers monthly or seasonally subscriptions, so depending on:

  • How rough your lifestyle is
  • How often you drop your phone
  • Your desire to keep up with the latest trends
  • How dirty your phone case gets

You might only need a new case every 3 months or will benefit more from a monthly subscription based on these factors.


Flexible System

When you sign up for a phone case subscription with The Case Club, you have the ability to cancel at any time. You can also choose to skip a delivery if the most recent phone case received is still in good condition.

There are no contracts involved with our subscription service, giving you total flexibility and freedom with it. Plus, with their wireless-charging compatibility, you won't need to take the cases off to charge wirelessly, giving them greater convenience and functionality.


100% Exclusive Designs

The Case Club provides exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs with our phone case subscription, so with each delivery, you're keeping up with the latest trends while giving your phone the protection it deserves.

We cater to both iPhone and Samsung brands with various model options, and each phone case is designed to be not only tough but also super lightweight in addition to its stylish exterior. With that in mind, you can carry them around effortlessly, no matter what the occasion is.

Sign up for a phone case subscription today with The Case Club to start experiencing a new, convenient way of keeping your phone stylishly protected all year round! 


  • Subscribe

    Join The Case Club and enjoy premium phone cases delivered to your door monthly or seasonally.

  • Customize

    Using our interactive case designer tool, we give you the opportunity to design your unique case.

  • Explore

    Take a look through our designs and see if anything piques your interest. No customization or subscription required.

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  • The Tough Case

    Engineered with aerospace grade polycarbonate, 3D vacuum wrapping for 360-degree printing, and TPU liner in a two-piece design – all our tough design cases are lightweight, cutting edge and rugged. Stay protected on the move with the Tough case.

    The Tough Case 
  • The Bio Case

    100% biodegradable, compostable, and sustainable. The Bio case is an exceptional replacement to plastics and other petroleum based phone case products. Promote an eco-friendly future without sacrificing quality or protection.

    The Bio Case 
  • The Flexi Case

    High premium, super-stylish and extra slim -- our Flexi cases are designed with you in mind. Each case comes in high quality print, lightweight design, raised camera and edge bumpers so you can preserve your style.

    The Flexi Case 
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