How Are Phone Cases Made? | From Start To Finish

How it all started...

Phone case manufacturing is similar to how we make cars, computers, children's toys, and almost everything else that you might interact with throughout the day. While it may seem simple, by the time it arrives at your doorstep a lot of work has been put into it. To start, it is made in a manufacturing facility, follows a guided process, and over 1 billion phone cases are made every year to protect our phones. We will show you (from start to finish) how a typical phone case is made and also give you a sneak peek inside where The Case Club cases come from!



A phone case starts its life as a blank. A blank is a piece of plastic that is in the shape of a phone case, but has no designs or functionality added to it yet. Blanks are typically made from a molding process where the material is heated to a high temperature, placed in a mold, and allowed to cool where it takes it's final shape as a case. Molds are created for all popular smartphone sizes to ensure the perfect fit.



After the blank has been made, we now have a solid foundation to begin creating your special case. These blanks are separated by phone model and are stored until an order comes in. After an order is placed, it's go time! The case will leave storage, get sorted, and make its journey to arrive at the printing location. 


Print Prep

The next step is what we like to call print preparation. Print preparation is where every case gets its identity. The design that the customer has chosen is printed using high quality digital UV printers. These printers copy an image or design with extreme precision onto special print film. The print film is then transferred to the sublimation machine where it will be applied to the blank.



Now, the fun part. We have our design or image printed on the printer film and our blank ready to go. Using a special machine, the printer film and the blank fuse together. This special machine uses a very strong vacuum (dropping the pressure extremely low) to force the printer film into the blank. The force from the vacuum is so large that the printer film and the blank become one solid piece. This is why when you drop a high quality phone case (that uses sublimation printing) the design doesn't rip or scratch. The design and the blank are now one piece, and the only way to separate the two is to break it and take a chunk out of both. 


Quality Control

After the printing process is done, the case goes through quality control or QC for short. Every case is inspected for defects, cracks, bad coloring, and plenty of other checks. At this point, the case is complete and we're just making sure that we're happy with the quality of it. The Case Club takes extreme pride in the quality of it's products and for this reason every case is thoroughly checked and is thrown out if there are any imperfections.



The final step is shipping and distribution. Here the case will be packaged up, sent off to the shipping company, and arrive at your door just a few days later. The case will typically make its way to you by getting picked up in a car, riding in a semi truck, flying on a plane, getting back on a semi truck, and finally getting dropped off by car.

As you can see, a lot goes into making these simple accessories that almost everyone has. We have became very efficient at making phone case, so it's easy to make a lot very fast.


In case you didn't want to read the whole thing or want a refresher, here is a video showing the exact process one of our cases goes through.

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