How To Give Your iPhone A Brand-New Feel

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It doesn't take long for a brand-new phone to feel like it's a hundred years old, especially if you use it every day for work and leisure. One minute you are scrolling through Facebook, and the next, your phone crashes, or you have zero space left to take photos. Does this sound familiar? While there are numerous reasons why your phone could be performing badly, including internal damage, there are many ways you can refresh your phone to feel brand-new again.


Clearing The Clutter

Digital clutter can significantly impact your phone's performance, even if you have the latest model. By cleaning up this clutter, you can help your phone run more smoothly - you might even be surprised to find apps and contacts you don't remember adding!


To help clear this up, consider:

  • Removing your old apps to create more space on your phone, making it faster and more responsive. You can keep your favorite and most-used apps on the first page.
  • Organizing your contacts and messages - delete any old messages & contacts you don't need anymore, or write them down somewhere else in case you need them again.
  • Sorting through your photos & videos - transfer them to your computer for more storage space or delete any you don't need (yes, even the million photos you took of yourself to get the perfect shot!)


Not only will this make your phone healthier, but it'll also make it much easier to find what you need on your phone.


Appearances Are Everything

Now that you've cleaned the inside of your phone, you can clean the exterior with phone-friendly cleaning products. Get a gentle microfiber cloth with some disinfectant to gently wipe down your phone.

Remember where your hands have been - we recommend cleaning your hands before handling your phone to prevent bacteria, dust, and dirt from building up. A healthier phone equals a healthier you!


Restart To Refresh

If your phone's battery is never fully drained, that means your phone is ALWAYS on, whether it be for weeks or months at a time. Over time, your phone can build up junk and useless data that fills up the memory unnecessarily, and a fresh reboot can easily get rid of it. It's good to give your phone a break every month by restarting it completely, along with installing any new security or phone updates. This can help maintain that brand-new phone feeling.


Finally, A New Look!

After the above steps, why not treat you and your phone to a brand-new phone case? A phone case quickly becomes filthy and damaged, depending on your lifestyle. A clean and fresh phone case will certainly do the trick to make your phone feel brand-new. You could also consider subscribing to a phone case subscription, so you don't have to stress about organizing a new phone case ever again.

Voila! After allocating some time to clean up your phone, it'll feel like you just purchased it brand-new again - and who doesn't love that?

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