How To: Phone Case Customization with Tips, Tricks, and Trends

Customizable Phone Cases

Using a unique, custom-made phone case for your phone is the single best way to show off your exclusive style or to create a thoughtful gift for someone.

Where do you even start, though? What customizations should you add? Do you want it trendy or meaningful? Both?

Here are some phone case customization tips/ideas to get you started.


How To Brainstorm Your Custom Design

It's not easy coming up with the perfect custom phone case, but the most important part is that you love it.

So, with that in mind, consider what you admire or love in life, or perhaps something that inspires you. This could be any of the following:



If you have cherished companions in your life, whether it be a dog, cat, bird, or even a horse, you can show off your love and appreciation of them by adding them to your design. This could be a photo or your drawing, for example.


Celebrate your love of family by adding a family photo or your own special family illustration onto the case.


Do you love rock climbing, swimming, tennis, surfing, golf, hang gliding, or any other hobby? Why not show it off to remind you of your favorite hobby each day when you look at your phone?


Make the design simple with some inspirational or motivational words that you live by. It could also be your favorite quote or a special saying that you admire.


It would be an excellent gift idea if you added a photo of you and your best friend, perfect for a Birthday or "friendiversary."


Remind you and everyone else just how far you've come by displaying your most proud achievements. This could be anything from being a new father/mother or progressing in your career to winning the grand finals or surviving an illness.


If you love a certain pattern, like stripes, dots, zig-zags, or any other pattern you admire, you can incorporate it into the design. Search for royalty-free wallpapers, for example, or why not create your own pattern to upload? You can also choose to make it a simple, solid color.

Dreams & Ambitions

Work hard towards your goal with this as a reminder. Display your ultimate dreams and ambitions in life on your case to see it first thing when you wake up each morning.


A Tough Custom Phone Case Made Exclusively For You

The Case Club offers an easy way for you to create your own custom phone case. With a simple interface and design page, you can customize based on the brand, phone model, and your preference of a flip wallet, flexi, gloss, matte, and more styles.

You can add text with different fonts, style it with color, upload photos, and experience the case from any angle - including a 3D view - to make it perfect. With so many customization options, the many unique designs you can make are virtually limitless!

Not sure about a custom design? Take a look at our range of unique, pre-made, ready-to-go styles instead.

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