Quit Plastic - Go Biodegradable With Your Phone Case

The Basics

In addition to food packaging, non-recyclable phone cases are yet another source of pollution and damage to the environment. To date, there are approximately 15 billion mobile devices in the whole world, and to go with that, most of these phones have phone cases that are non-recyclable. When they are discarded, they cannot degrade naturally in the environment, therefore causing further harm to our planet. So, do you have a recyclable phone case? It might be time to change that!


What Is The Extent of Harm?

Every year, countless items pollute our oceans and environment that take much longer to break down than biodegradable materials. Plastic bags, cutlery, balloons, bottles and lids, and so much more linger in the oceans and around the land, causing harm to wildlife and nature.

The most saddening part of this is that it can take plastics 20 to 500 years to break down completely, depending on certain factors, and an enormous 91% of plastic doesn't get recycled. In 2018 alone, 5.6 million tons of plastics were combusted in MSW, with landfills getting 27 million tons of plastic.

If you have a phone case you bought from the store without a second thought, there's a very high chance that it is made of plastic. And we don't blame you! Many of us lack the information and facts to make a difference, but we hope this provides a good reason for you to make the change to a biodegradable phone case.


How Can You Help Make A Change?

You use your phone every day, and there comes a point where your phone case needs to be replaced. Naturally, you would throw this phone case in the bin and go buy a new one. But this discarded phone case, if it is non-biodegradable, ends up in a landfill just like other plastic cups, bottles, food wrappers, straws, for example. This takes many more years to decompose when compared to biodegradable materials. The alternative is that the plastic is combusted instead, releasing enormous amounts of greenhouse gases.

What you can do right now to help, even if it is just a little, is to change your phone case to a biodegradable design instead.


What Is A Biodegradable Phone Case?

A phone case that is made with biodegradable materials is BPA-free, compostable, sustainable, and biodegradable. It can break down easier and offers a variety of hidden health benefits to you, too!

BPA is scientifically known to contribute to obesity, memory difficulty, and learning problems with long-term exposure, so switching to a biodegradable phone case will even make you feel healthier.

If you put this phone case next to a plastic version, you wouldn't even notice the difference in terms of style! The big difference is how this design helps promote a more sustainable, eco-friendly future in the palm of your hand.

There's no reason why you can't make the change to a biodegradable phone case today to help the future of our planet. Like any other plastic design, they are also stylish and completely functional. Sell or donate your current one and learn more about our eco-friendly phone cases at The Case Club.

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