The Top Phone Case Trends of 2022

Are you with the trend?

A phone case is crucial to keep your phone protected and secure, but nobody wants their phone to look awful at the same time. Likewise, you want to make sure you have a phone case that performs properly, so the next time you knock it off the side table (we've all been there), it has something to shield it.

With that in mind, let's go over the top trending phone cases of 2022.


Custom Phone Cases

Whether it's your name, a picture of your pet, or any other custom design you had in mind, why not make your phone truly your own with your personal flair? There is a variety of custom phone case businesses that allow you to create the phone case of your dreams.


Retro Style

Take it back to the 80s with a fun and quirky retro-style phone case. Multicolored swirls and fun geometric patterns are a killer trend lately and pair well with any retro outfit. You can go with vibrant tones or darker shades, depending on your personal taste. 


Quotes To Keep You Inspired

Always keep motivated and inspired with your favorite quote nearby at all times. You can customize a case with the quote or browse many of the already available quote phone cases online. If you want something more fun and cute, there are also hundreds of hilarious pun or meme designs!


Sparkle, Princess!

Sparkle phone cases never seem to go out of style, especially for women who love to show off their glitz and sparkly side. In particular, the water-like glitter phone cases are a popular trend with their eye-catching display!


Simple Yet Aesthetic 

Not everyone enjoys extravagant phone case styles, so if you're someone who prefers a simple yet aesthetic design, you can easily opt for a solid color phone case. To make it a little more interesting, you could try a neon tone, ombre color effect, or a matte shade. Other simple phone case designs would include a small piece of text or a basic pattern to complement the color.


Heavy Duty Phone Cases

Let's face it - there are some of us out here who unintentionally drop our phones more often than we like to admit. When you need a savior, look to a tough, heavy-duty phone case, which offers much better protection than a standard slim case.

Heavy-duty phone cases typically have shockproof, waterproof, scratchproof, and dustproof qualities if you're buying a good one. Not even the clumsiest of people will worry about dropping their phone again!


Flexible Cases

If you enjoy changing your phone case around as much as your clothes, a Flexi phone case is perfect. These are incredibly easy to put on and remove with their flexible design, so you can swap between different colors and patterns as you like.


Ready to take on the trends of 2022 with your phone case? To get started, why not discover some inspiration on The Case Club with our trending and high-quality designs?
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  • The Tough Case

    Engineered with aerospace grade polycarbonate, 3D vacuum wrapping for 360-degree printing, and TPU liner in a two-piece design – all our tough design cases are lightweight, cutting edge and rugged. Stay protected on the move with the Tough case.

    The Tough Case 
  • The Bio Case

    100% biodegradable, compostable, and sustainable. The Bio case is an exceptional replacement to plastics and other petroleum based phone case products. Promote an eco-friendly future without sacrificing quality or protection.

    The Bio Case 
  • The Flexi Case

    High premium, super-stylish and extra slim -- our Flexi cases are designed with you in mind. Each case comes in high quality print, lightweight design, raised camera and edge bumpers so you can preserve your style.

    The Flexi Case 
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