Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make changes to my order?

Simply email us (, and we will do our best to modify your order. If your order is already shipped, then you will have to wait until you have received your package to continue. If you would still like to modify your order, visit our Returns Center to return your package.

Only some of my ordered items are in my shipment?

No need to worry, we utilize multiple fulfillment centers worldwide to deliver your goods. We may ship different items in different boxes, hold tight and all of your items should arrive soon. If they do not, please contact us at to proceed.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we offer: Google Pay, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Shopify Payments, and many other.

Can I give your products as a gift?

Yes! Input your information for the billing aspect of checkout, and the gift receivers information as the shipping aspect of checkout.

Is your site safe?

Yes! Our sites shopping cart is powered by Shopify which utilizes 256-bit SSL certification and is PCL Level I compliant.

How does subscription billing work?

You will be billed as soon as you place your first order. Your box will ship out between the first and fourth of the following month. You will not be re-billed until the 11th of that following month. This allows you to cancel your subscription before another box comes as well as prevent you from being billed twice before your first box comes.

What's inside a Phone Case of the Month Club box?

Every Phone Case of the Month box has a very similar format. Every month you'll receive this months phone case, a few promotional items, packing slip, receipt, and occasionally a special gift from The Case Club.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We hope you never feel the need to cancel, however, cancelling a subscription can be done through the My Account tab on the homepage. Simply click My Account, then Your subscription(s), and you will be able to edit or cancel in the subscription menu near the bottom. You may also cancel by contacting us directly at 

Do you offer subscriptions for other phone models?

As of now, we only provide the phone models available during checkout. However, if you send us an email, text message, or connect with us through social media, we are able to create custom orders and implement more products. 

What do I do with my previous months cases?

It's totally up to you! There is no need to return them to us. You can trade them, sell them, donate them, or whatever your heart pleases! 

Can I return my previous month's box?

Yes, please visit our returns page for more information!

  • The Tough Case

    Engineered with aerospace grade polycarbonate, 3D vacuum wrapping for 360-degree printing, and TPU liner in a two-piece design – all our tough design cases are lightweight, cutting edge and rugged.

  • The Bio Case

    100% biodegradable, compostable, and sustainable. The Bio case is an exceptional replacement to plastics and other petroleum based phone case products. Promote an eco-friendly future without sacrificing quality or protection.

  • The Flexi Case

    Premium, super-stylish and extra slim -- our Flexi cases are designed with you in mind. Each case comes in high quality print, lightweight design, raised camera and edge bumpers so you can preserve your style.

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