Strawberry Smoothie iPhone Flexi Case

The Flexi Case

High premium, super-stylish and extra slim -- our Flexi cases are designed with you in mind. Each case comes in high quality print, lightweight design, raised camera and edge bumpers so you can impress your friends, travel smart, and preserve your style.

And…with proper coverage around the lip to minimize screen contact when set face down on flat surfaces; scratch protection to preserve sensitive screen surfaces; and moderate bump/impact protection – all our Flexi cases are designed to last.

What’s more? We offer lifetime guarantee! So, if the case fails, scratches, cracks or is damaged for whatever reason – we’ll happily replace them. Plus, if you’re simply unhappy with your case, we’ll get you a case that puts smiles on your face…for free!

The Case Club

The Case Club has something for everyone. So, whether you’re looking for that high premium phone case that accentuates your style or that handy, affordable case designed to dazzle…we’ve got you covered!


We ship the next day after order placement via USPS first class shipping [within the US], -- all for free!  and via your country’s local mail system [for worldwide orders] -- calculated based on region.

About The Design

Ladybug or Strawberry? You decide! This case features a red gradient background with assorted spots. Perfect for the fruit or bug lover.


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